Budget Friendly Family Travel Planning Tips

Budget Friendly Family Travel Planning Tips

Budget Friendly Family Travel Planning Tips Budget Friendly Family Travel Planning Tips Budget Friendly Family Travel Planning Tips

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About Me

My Background


We are excited for you joining us on this journey. My Name is Jessica, and yes I’m just your typical New Yorican in my late 30’s. I am originally from New York (Park slope in da house!) but now reside in South Texas with my husband and our four children. We, like a million others, call San Antonio, Texas home and love it here. As you may have guessed from this sites name we LOVE to travel, and make no mistake, we travel as a family.   I am married to wonderful man, 18 years strong, that supports me and also shares a passion for travel along with our 4 children ages 3, 3, 12, and 14. Yup, I have not one but two 3 year olds…. This family unit has afforded me to experience the joy of teenagers and toddlers on our many vacations.  I have been planning family trips since 2009 and am excited to share all of my tips, tricks and lessons learned from my many travels. As an avid travel planner, I searched over 1000’s of websites looking for information not only on traveling, but specifically traveling with kids. What I found is that not many resource exists to assist us mom’s in planning travel. Plus, because of this lack of information, many families have hesitated to take dream vacations on account of their children.  Well that’s about to change.  My goal is to equip and give moms and dads around the country peace of mind on how to successfully and confidently travel with their kiddos along for the ride. Now this is not just a  travel site for only local trips as I will share how to navigate overseas destinations, such as France, England and Italy.   I am so excited to get started and hope you find this information useful in your vacation planning.

How I Got Started


I was born to travel. From birth, my love for family travel stems from my father's military career. He served in the Army for over 22 years affording us the oppurtuntiy to see many exotic and cool places. These destinations included Germany, France and Panama. We were by no means wealthy.  This taught me early on that travel is possible for all, if you do some research  and learn from others. 

This journey was born on a Sunday grocery trip with my husband. As we walked the aisles, we got lost in conversation about all the funny moments from our recent vacation to Rome, Italy. We talked about how cool it would be to share our lessons learned and experiences with others.  Like how not to get your rental car towed on day 1 (Literally not my fault) or just how sharp knives can be at a home-made pasta making class. (More on that later). So yes, you could say we just agreed this was a good idea and we got started. Typical south Texas family wanting to help others.

Top Destinations


My favorite place to visit has to be Puerto Rico. It is my parents homeland and part of my heritage. I took my family there to see our roots, eat caribbean cuisine, and  participate in island adventures. It really is the Isla del Encanto, Island of Enchantment.